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Title Artist Song #
D'you Know What I Mean Oasis SC8389-1
D'you Know What I Mean Oasis SC8423-8
D.I.V.O.R.C.E. Wynette, Tammy SC8183-10
Da Doo Ron Ron Crystals, The SC7513-6
Da' Butt Eu SC8117-13
Daddy Sang Bass Cash, Johnny SC7536-2
Daddy Was Never The Cadillac Kind Confederate Railroad AT4235-15
Daddy Won't Sell The Farm Montgomery Gentry SC8584-9
Daddy's Come Around Overstreet, Paul SC8215-2
Daddy's Hands Dunn, Holly SC7512-11
Daddy's Little Girl (Sc) Brannon, Kippi AT4250-107
Daddy's Money Ricochet SC8280-12
Dagger Through The Heart Parton, Dolly SC8779-14
Dallas Jackson, Alan SC8165-5
Dallas Days and Fort Worth Nights (Sc) Ledoux, Chris AT4248-127
Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover (Sc) Hawkins, Sophie B. AT4248-95
Dance (Thm) Twister Alley AT4253-35
Dance Hall Days (Sc) Wang Chung AT4257-545
Dance Her Home (Dck) Johnson, Cody AT4258-29
Dance In The Boat Kinleys, The SD051-8
Dance In The Boat Kinleys, The SC8463-10
Dance In The Boat Kinleys, The AT4140-12
Dance Into The Light Collins, Phil SC8325-7
Dance Macabre (Kv) Ghost AT4258-107
Dance Monkey (Py) Tones and I AT4258-293
Dance Naked Mellencamp, John Cougar SC8150-6
Dance The Night Away Van Halen AT4169-15
Dance With Me Morgan, Debelah SC8625-11
Dance With The One Who Brought You Twain, Shania SC8446-7
Dance, Dance Fall Out Boy AT4163-4
Dance, The Brooks, Garth SC7510-3
Dance, The Brooks, Garth SC8162-4
Dancin' Guy SC8587-14
Dancin' Shaggin' On The Boulevard Alabama SC8384-15
Dancing In The Dark Springsteen, Bruce AT4189-14
Dancing In The Moonlight (Sc) King Harvest AT4258-252
Dancing In The Sky (Kv) Dani and Lizzy AT4257-640
Dancing In The Street Sf Bowie, David & Mick Jagger AT4246-228
Dancing On My Own (Sf) Calum Scott, Calum AT4257-383
Dancing On The Ceiling (Sc) Richie, Lionel AT4249-76
Dancing Queen Abba SC7542-3
Dancing With A Man Carrington, Rodney AT4154-8
Dancing With A Stranger (Duet) (Kv) Smith, Sam & Normani AT4258-132
Dancing With Myself Lg Idol, Billy AT4241-188
Dancy's Dream Restless Heart SC2165-5
Dancy's Dream Restless Heart SC8230-7
Dang Me Miller, Roger SC7539-11
Danger High Voltage Electric Six SC8859-10
Danger Zone___ Loggins, Kenny___ AT4176-10
Dangerous Woman (Sf) Grande, Ariana AT4257-155
Dani California Red Hot Chili Peppers AT4109-1
Daniel John, Elton SC7530-5
Daniel John, Elton SC8134-5
Daniel Wilson Phillips PR1001-1
Daniel Boone Tv Theme SC8116-16
Danke Schoen Newton, Wayne MM6184-2
Danny Boy Traditional SC7528-5
Danny's Song Loggins & Messina SC8413-1
Danny's Song Murray, Anne SC7524-6
Dare (Duet) (Phm) Gorillaz AT4256-122
Dare Be Stupid (Sc) Yankovic, Weird Al AT4255-334
Dare You To Move (Sc) Switchfoot AT4255-180
Darius Rucker Together, Anything's Possible CB60461-12
Dark Horse Mason, Mila SC8370-5
Dark Horse (Duet) (Bhk) Perry, Katy Feat. Juicy J AT4255-336
Dark Horse (Mrh) Perry, Katy Ft Juicy J AT4255-91
Dark Lady Cher AT4114-5
Dark Side (Sf) Clarkson, Kelly AT4251-18
Darling Nikki Prince & The Revolution AT4105-1
Darned If I Don't Danged If I Do Shenandoah SC8171-15
Date Rape Sc Sublime AT4244-9
Daughter Pearl Jam AT4207-9
Daughters (Cb) Mayer, John AT4252-91
Day After Day Badfinger SC8439-10
Day By Day Godspell AT4120-9
Day Drinking(Ss) Little Big Town AT4255-250
Day Drunk (Dck) Evans, Morgan AT4258-52
Day In Day Out Kersh, David SC8382-3
Day That Never Comes, The Metallica AT4240-70
Day Tripper Beatles, The AT4239-85
Day-O (Banana Boat Song) Beetlejuice AT4134-15
Day-O (Banana Boat Song) Belafonte, Harry SC7506-15
Daydream Believer Monkees, The SC7517-7
Daydreams About Night Things Milsap, Ronnie AT4240-75
Daylight (Mrh) Maroon 5 AT4253-97
Daylight Fading Counting Crows SC8377-6
Days Go By Dirty Vegas PHM0208-9
Days Go By Urban, Keith THC0410-11
Days Go By Urban, Keith W-Vocal THC0410-1
Days Go By (Sgk) Offspring AT4257-766
Days Go By Phm Dirty Vegas AT4247-126
Days of Our Lives Otto, James SC8862-14
Daysleeper R.E.M SC8499-4
Daytime Friends (Sc) Rogers, Kenny AT4258-100
Dayum Baby (As) Florida Georgia Line AT4253-85
Dead & Gone T.I. & Justin Timberlake AT4239-164
Dead and Bloated (Kv) Stone Temple Pilots AT4257-664
Dead Flowers (Sc) Rolling Stones, The AT4250-139
Dead Flowers Cb Lambert, Miranda AT4246-313
Dead Man's Party Oingo Boingo SC8550-3
Dead Man's Party (Sc) Oingo Boingo AT4252-8
Dead Memories (Sgk) Slipknot AT4258-79
Dead Ringer Bentley, Stephanie SC8328-5
Dead Skunk Wainwright Iii, Loudon AT4219-4
Dear Diamond (Ftx) Lambert, Miranda AT4250-23
Dear Future Husband (Kcd) Trainor, Meghan AT4255-360
Dear Lie Tlc AT4138-15
Dear Mama 2 Pac AT4179-1
Dear Me Morgan, Lorrie SC8157-12
Dear Mr Fantasy Traffic AT4189-15
Dear Mr.President Pink AT4157-3
Death of A Bachelor (Kv) Panic At The Disco AT4257-448
Death Valley Queen Flogging Molly AT0000-6
Debbie B-52's, The SC8465-12
December Collective Soul AT4107-3
December 1963 (Oh What A Night) Four Seasons, The SC7535-8
Deck The Halls Christmas CB5040-1-2
Decode Paramore AT4234-4
Deep Inside of You Third Eye Blind SC8625-4
Deeper Life Cb Grant, Natalie AT4244-60
Deeper Than That Shenandoah SC8298-11
Deeper Than The Holler Travis, Randy SC7552-7
Deeper Than The Night (Zp) Newton-John, Olivia AT4257-849
Deer In The Headlights Phm Owl City AT4246-13
Defy You (Sc) Offspring AT4257-758
Defying Gravity (Duet) Psjt Wicked AT4241-10
Defying Gravity Pr Wicked AT4241-9
Deja Voodoo (Sc) Shepherd, Kenny Wayne AT4252-93
Delicate (Zm) Swift, Taylor AT4258-5
Delilah Jones, Tom SC7517-11
Deliver Me Brightman, Sarah SC3138-6
Deliver Me Brightman, Sarah W-Vocal SC3138-14
Della and The Dealer Axton, Hoyt AT4240-38
Delta Dawn Tucker, Tanya SC7507-10
Dem Jeans Chingy AT4193-6
Demon Speeding Zombie, Rob AT4198-10
Demons (Phm) Imagine Dragons AT4255-74
Desert Rose Sting SC8618-2
Despacito (Sf) Fonsi, Luis Ft Daddy Yankee & Justin Bie AT4257-517
Desperado Eagles, The BS9017-12
Desperately Strait, George SC8867-13
Desperately Wanting Better Than Ezra SC8448-1
Dessert (Duet) (Sf) Dawin & Silento AT4257-115
Destiny Mister Jones SC3089-4
Destiny Mister Jones W-Vocal SC3089-12
Detachable P-N-S King Missile SC8700-6
Determinate (Kv) Lemonade Mouth AT4257-777
Detroit Breakdown J. Geils Band, The SC8397-14
Detroit Rock City Kiss SC8334-2
Deuce Kiss SC8404-12
Devil In Disguise Presley, Elvis SC7501-2
Devil In Me (Dck) Halsey AT4257-891
Devil In The Bottle Sheppard, T.G. AT4239-34
Devil Inside Sc Inxs AT4247-79
Devil Went Down To Georgia, The Charlie Daniels Band, The SC7516-8
Devil Went Down To Georgia, The Charlie Daniels Band, The SC8449-15
Devil Went Down To Georgia, The Daniels, Charlie TUTM1577-2-2
Devil Went Down To Georgia, The W-Vocals Daniels, Charlie TUTM1577-2-7
Devil Went Down To Jamaica (Hm) Coe, David Allan AT4257-228
Devil With A Blue Dress On Ryder, Mitch & The Detroit Wheels SC8226-15
Devil Without A Cause Kid Rock AT4154-9
Devil Woman Cliff, Richard AT4131-8
Devil Woman Robins, Marty AT4142-9
Devil's Dance Floor Flogging Molly AT0000-7
Devour Shinedown AT4239-19
Diamond Eyes Cb Shinedown AT4243-35
Diamond Rings and Old Barstools (Kv) Mcgraw, Tim AT4257-13
Diamond, Neil Brother Love's Traveling Salvation Show AH7051-1
Diamond, Neil Cherry Cherry AH7051-2
Diamond, Neil Cracklin' Rosie AH7051-3
Diamond, Neil Forever In Blue Jeans AH7051-4
Diamond, Neil Girl, You'll Be A Woman Soon AH7051-5
Diamond, Neil Hello Again AH7051-6
Diamond, Neil Holly Holy AH7051-7
Diamond, Neil I Am, I Said AH7051-8
Diamond, Neil Kentucky Woman AH7051-9
Diamond, Neil Longfellow Serenade AH7051-10
Diamond, Neil Love On The Rocks AH7051-11
Diamond, Neil Play Me AH7051-12
Diamond, Neil Red, Red Wine AH7051-13
Diamond, Neil September Morn' AH7051-14
Diamond, Neil Solitary Man AH7051-15
Diamond, Neil Song Sung Blue AH7051-16
Diamond, Neil Sweet Caroline AH7051-17
Diamond, Neil & Barbra Streisand You Don't Bring Me Flowers AH7051-18
Diamonds (Phm) Los Lonely Boys AT4257-941
Diamonds (Sf) Rihanna AT4252-45
Diamonds and Rust Baez, Joan SC8477-7
Diana Anka, Paul SC8413-10
Diary Keys, Alicia & Tony Toni Tone ASK1533-1
Diary of Jane, The Breaking Benjamin AT4147-10
Dibs (Bkd) Ballerini, Kelsea AT4257-1
Dick In A Box (Duet) (Zp) Lonely Island & Justin Timberlake AT4253-90
Did I Shave My Back For This Cledus T. Judd AT4109-15
Did I Shave My Legs For This Carter, Deana SC8416-9
Did You Wrong (Phm) Pleasure P AT4251-38
Didn't Have You Montana, Billy SC8171-5
Didn't You Know How Much I Loved You Pickler, Kellie AT4217-6
Didn't You Know How Much I Loved You Pickler, Kellie AT4240-114
Die A Happy Man (Bkd) Rhett, Thomas AT4256-159
Die From A Broken Heart (Sbi) Maddie and Tae AT4258-46
Die Young (Bkd) Ke$ha AT4252-2
Differences Ginuwine AT4240-91
Different Breed Carter's Chord AT4210-6
Different Drum Ronstadt, Linda SC7543-2
Different For Girls (Duet) (Bkd) Bentley, Dierks & Elle King AT4257-207
Different Kind, The Crow, Sheryl SC8559-10
Dig Incubus AT4193-7
Dig In Kravitz, Lenny SM8603-14
Diggin' On You Tlc SC8233-2
Diggin' Up Bones Travis, Randy AT4150-9
Digital Bath (Sc) Deftones, The AT4254-50
Dilemma Nelly & Kelly Rowland SY1065-13
Dinah Moe Humm Zappa, Frank SC8169-13
Dinosaur (Bkd) Ke$ha AT4251-71
Dinosaur (Kv) Williams, Hank Jr. AT4253-96
Dirt (Bkd) Florida Georgia Line AT4255-263
Dirt On My Boots (Kv) Pardi, Jon AT4257-314
Dirt Road Anthem (Remix) (Duet) (Kv) Aldean, Jason AT4252-88
Dirt Road Anthem Cb Aldean, Jason AT4244-113
Dirt Road, The Cb Sawyer Brown AT4247-76
Dirty Dancer Sf Iglesias, Enrique & Usher & Lil Wayne AT4247-18
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap Ac-Dc SC8334-1
Dirty Deeds Done With Sheep (Rdk) Parody AT4251-64
Dirty Diana Jackson, Michael AT4239-103
Dirty Girl Clark, Terri AT4150-10
Dirty Laundry (Kv) Underwood, Carrie AT4257-166
Dirty Laundry Lg Henley, Don AT4247-60
Dirty Little Secret All American Rejects AT4117-4
Dirty Little Thing (Thm) Velvet Revolver AT4257-325
Dirty Magic (Sgk) Offspring AT4257-760
Dirty Picture (Duet) Phm Cruz, Taio & Kesha AT4242-27
Dirty Picture Qh Cruz, Taio & Kesha AT4241-239
Dirty White Boy (Sc) Foreigner AT4249-43
Disarm Smashing Pumpkins SC8122-12
Disease Matchbox Twenty AT4198-11
Disposable Teens Sc Manson, Marilyn AT4241-221
Distance (Kv) Perri, Christina AT4255-54
Distance, The Cake SC8448-10
Disturbia Rihanna AT4210-7
Dive Bar (Dck) Brooks, Garth AT4258-214
Divers Do It Deeper Coe, David Allan CB90115-15
Divers Do It Deeper Cb Coe, David Allan AT4244-61
Divorce Wynette, Tammy SC7507-5
Dixie Traditional SC7528-4
Dixie Chicken Brooks, Garth SC8215-3
Dixie Chicken Little Feat SC8449-6
Dixieland Delight Alabama AT4207-10
Dizzy Goo Goo Dolls SC8523-12
Dizzy Roe, Tommy SC8399-4
Dj Got Us Fallin' In Love (Duet) Phm Usher & Pitbull AT4241-224
Dj Play A Love Song Foxx, Jamie & Twista THH0608-10
Do I Bryan, Luke AT4239-74
Do I Wanna Know (Ss) Arctic Monkeys AT4255-311
Do It Furtado, Nelly AT4175-2
Do It Again Sc Steely, Dan AT4242-46
Do Lord Children's Songs SY1635-5
Do Lord (W-Vocals) Children's Songs SY1635-13
Do Right Woman, Do Right Man (Sc) Franklin, Aretha AT4257-921
Do Something Gray, Macy SC8559-3
Do That To Me One More Time (Sc) Captain & Tennille, The AT4257-64
Do The Hokey Pokey Children's Songs AT4256-58
Do They Know It's Christmas Christmas SC8184-2
Do Wah Diddy Diddy Mann, Manfred SC7513-7
Do What U Want (Duet) (Sf) Lady Gaga & R. Kelly AT4255-122
Do Ya (Sf) Electric Light Orchestra AT4257-518
Do Ya Think I'm Sexy Stewart, Rod SC7503-2
Do You Believe In Love Lewis, Huey & The News AT4239-132
Do You Believe Me Now (Bkd) Wayne, Jimmy AT4254-57
Do You Hear What I Hear Christmas CB5040-1-3
Do You Know Robyn SC8381-8
Do You Know (Ping Pong Song) Iglesias, Enrique AT4190-1
Do You Love Me Contours, The AT4222-3
Do You Realize (Sc) Flaming Lips, The AT4251-50
Do You Really Want Me Robyn SC3064-8
Do You Remember These Statler Brothers, The SC8335-13
Do You Think About Me (Bkd) Underwood, Carrie AT4254-56
Do You Think About Us Total SC8340-15
Do You Wanna Dance Freeman, Bobby SC8418-6
Do You Wanna Make Something Of It Messina, Jo Dee SC8344-1
Do You Wanna Make Something Of It Messina, Jo Dee SC2213-8
Do You Wanna Make Something Of It Messina, Jo Dee W-Vocal SC2213-16
Do You Wanna Touch Me (Oh Yeah) Sc Jett, Joan and The Blackhearts AT4243-130
Do You Want Fries With That Tim Mcgraw AT4112-8
Do You Want To Build A Snowman (As) Frozen AT4255-176
Do You Wish It Was Me Aldean, Jason AT4217-7
Do Your Ears Hang Low Children's Songs MKP2-2770-2
Do-Wacka-Do (Cb) Miller, Roger AT4258-105
Doc Mcstuffins Theme (Dks) Disney Jr DKS2902-6
Doc Mcstuffins Theme Vocals (Dks) Disney Jr DKS2902-14
Doctor My Eyes Browne, Jackson AT4234-5
Does Fort Worth Ever Cross Your Mind Strait, George SC7552-8
Does He Love You Mcentire, Reba & Linda Davis SC7524-11
Does My Ring Burn Your Finger (Sc) Womack, Lee Ann AT4257-340
Does My Ring Hurt Your Finger (Sc) Pride, Charley AT4253-75
Does That Blue Moon Ever Shine On You Keith, Toby SC8253-15
Does Your Mother Know Abba AT4240-108
Dog & Butterfly Heart SC8346-5
Dog Days Are Over (Sf) Florence & The Machine AT4251-102
Doin Fine (Kv) Alaina, Lauren AT4257-901
Doin' It All For My Baby (Cb) Lewis, Huey & The News AT4249-121
Dollar, The Johnson, Jamey AT4166-2
Dollhouse Melanie Martinez KV000001-1
Dollhouse (Kv) Martinez, Melanie AT4257-134
Dolphin's Cry, The Live SC8572-9
Domino Morrison, Van SC8391-4
Domino (Sc) Kiss AT4253-47
Domino Sf Jessie J AT4248-9
Don Juan D'bubba Williams, Hank Jr. SC8315-9
Don't Currington, Billy AT4210-8
Don't Twain, Shania ASKFP49-2-11
Don't Twain, Shania ASK1538-13
Don't (Bhk) Sheeran, Ed AT4255-292
Don't (Jmp) Tiller, Bryson AT4258-272
Don't Be Angry (Sc) Jackson, Stonewall AT4251-81
Don't Be Cruel Presley, Elvis SC2003-3
Don't Be Cruel Presley, Elvis SC7501-6
Don't Be Cruel Presley, Elvis W-Vocal SC2003-11
Don't Be Cruel (Lg) Cheap Trick AT4257-387
Don't Be Stupid Twain, Shania SC8416-1
Don't Be Stupid Twain, Shania PR1288-3
Don't Be Stupid Twain, Shania SC8446-9
Don't Blink Chesney, Kenny AT4170-1
Don't Bring Me Down Electric Light Orchestra, The SC7534-10
Don't Call Me Up (Sf) Mabel AT4258-141
Don't Call Us We'll Call You Corbetta, Jerry & Sugarloaf SC8539-1
Don't Cha Pussycat Dolls ASK1001-8
Don't Cha Pussycat Dolls, & Busta Rhymes AT4143-10
Don't Change Horses In The Middle Of The Tower of Power AT4252-25
Don't Change Sc Inxs AT4247-86
Don't Close Your Eyes Whitley, Keith SC7524-13
Don't Close Your Eyes (Sc) Kix AT4258-108
Don't Come Around No More Sf Petty, Tom & The Heartbreakers AT4246-108
Don't Come Crying To Me Gill, Vince SC3120-1
Don't Come Crying To Me Gill, Vince W-Vocal SC3120-9
Don't Come Home A Drinkin' Sc Lynn, Loretta AT4241-89
Don't Cry Seal SC8233-12
Don't Cry (Kv) Guns N Roses AT4257-432
Don't Cry Daddy Presley, Elvis SC7521-3
Don't Cry For Me Argentina Madonna PHM9701-2
Don't Cry For Me Argentina Madonna W-Vocal PHM9701-11
Don't Cry Joni (Duet) (Cb) Twitty, Conway AT4257-846
Don't Cry Out Loud Manchester, Melissa SC7523-15
Don't Do Me Like That Petty, Tom LG102-2
Don't Do Me Like That (Sc) Petty, Tom & The Heartbreakers AT4257-570
Don't Do Me No Good Wilson, Gretchen AT4210-9
Don't Dream It's Over Sc Crowded House AT4242-9
Don't Drop That Thun Thun (Phm) Finatticz AT4257-394
Don't Ever Let Me Go Hart, Tara Lyn SC8614-3
Don't Fall In Love With A Dreamer Rogers, Kenny & Kim Carnes SC8128-7
Don't Fear The Reaper Blue Oyster Cult AT4239-15
Don't Forget Me (When I'm Gone) Glass Tiger AT4213-8
Don't Forget To Remember Me Carrie Underwood AT4103-8
Don't Get Around Much Anymore Cole, Nat 'king' SC7538-8
Don't Get Me Wrong (Sc) Pretenders, The AT4258-117
Don't Give Up On Us Sf Soul, David AT4246-290
Don't Go Away Buckcherry AT4226-3
Don't Go Away Mad Sc Motley Crue AT4243-112
Don't Go Breakin' My Heart John, Elton & Dee, Kiki AT4135-4
Don't Go Breaking My Heart John, Elton & Kiki Dee SC8368-7
Don't Go Breaking My Heart (Dck) Backstreet Boys AT4257-946
Don't Go Breaking My Heart (Dck) Backstreet Boys AT4257-963
Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue Gayle, Crystal SC7507-15
Don't Know Much Ronstadt, Linda & Aaron Neville AT4130-2
Don't Know Much Ronstadt, Linda & Neville, Aaron AT4135-7
Don't Know What You Got Cinderella SC8346-1
Don't Know Why Jones, Norah SY1065-12
Don't Laugh At Me Wills, Mark SC8474-6
Don't Leave Me This Way Houston, Thelma SC7547-15
Don't Let Go (Love) En Vogue SC8340-2
Don't Let Him Go Reo Speedwagon SC8574-3
Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight Taylor, James SC8188-1
Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood___ Animals, The___ AT4176-11
Don't Let Me Be The Last To Know Spears, Britney SM7105-8
Don't Let Me Be The Last To Know W-Vocal Spears, Britney SM7105-16
Don't Let Me Down Kayle, Kortney SC3254-3
Don't Let Me Down Kayle, Kortney W-Vocal SC3254-11
Don't Let Me Down (Mrh) Chainsmokers & Daya AT4257-153
Don't Let Me Down (Sf) Beatles, The AT4255-382
Don't Let Me Fall (Phm) B.O.B. AT4249-139
Don't Let Me Get Me Pink SC8752-13
Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me John, Elton SC7542-1
Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me Eki Mcelderry, Joe AT4243-41
Don't Look Back Boston SC8539-10
Don't Look Back In Anger (Sc) Oasis AT4253-107
Don't Look Now (Kst) Carrington, Rodney AT4251-45
Don't Love Make A Diamond Shine Byrd, Tracy SC8382-8
Don't Make Me Shelton, Blake AT4158-2
Don't Make Me Beg Holy, Steve SC8570-14
Don't Matter Akon AT4166-3
Don't Pull Your Love Hamilton, Joe Frank & Reynolds SC8391-1
Don't Rain On My Parade Streisand, Barbra SC7538-2
Don't Rain On My Parade (Sbi) Glee Cast AT4258-92
Don't Rock The Jukebox Jackson, Alan SC7524-7
Don't Say You Love Me M2M SC8572-10
Don't Sit Under The Apple Tree Andrews Sisters, The SC7538-7
Don't Speak No Doubt SC8340-5
Don't Stand So Close To Me Sc Police, The AT4247-94
Don't Start Now (Dck) Dua Lipa AT4258-249
Don't Stay Away Too Long Bay City Rollers, The AT4228-15
Don't Stop Fleetwood Mac SC7525-11
Don't Stop (Color On The Walls) (Phm) Foster The People AT4249-6
Don't Stop Believin' Journey SC8832-10
Don't Stop Me Know (Dmg) Queen AT4255-379
Don't Stop The Music Rihanna AT4183-13
Don't Stop The Party (Duet) (Sf) Black Eyed Peas AT4250-40
Don't Stop The Party (Duet) (Sf) Pitbull Feat. Tjr AT4252-125
Don't Stop The Party Mreh Black Eyed Peas, The AT4247-61
Don't Take Her She's All I Got Byrd, Tracy AT4203-5
Don't Take It Personal Monica SC8199-8
Don't Take The Girl Mcgraw, Tim SC7522-2
Don't Take Your Guns To Town Sc Cash, Johnny AT4244-102
Don't Tell 'em (Sf) Jeremih Feat Yg AT4255-315
Don't Tell Me Madonna AT4233-10
Don't Tell Me (Radio Version) Womack, Lee Ann SC8584-7
Don't Tell Me What To Do Tillis, Pam SC8112-14
Don't Tell Me You Love Me Night Ranger SC8516-8
Don't The Girls All Get Prettier At Clos Gilley, Mickey AT4163-5
Don't Think I Don't Think About It Rucker, Darius AT4205-8
Don't Think Twice, It's All Right___ Dylan, Bob___ AT4176-12
Don't Threaten Me With A Good Time (Sf) Panic At The Disco AT4257-454
Don't Toss Us Away Loveless, Patty SC8157-1
Don't Touch Me There (Duet) Tubes, The AT4217-8
Don't Tread On Me (Sc) 311 AT4248-149
Don't Treat Me Bad Firehouse AT4221-4
Don't Trust Me 3Oh!3 AT4231-3
Don't Turn Around Ace of Base AT4109-3
Don't Wake Me Up (Sf) Brown, Chris AT4255-73
Don't Wanna Be A Player Joe SC8381-1
Don't Wanna Fall In Love Hv Child, Jane AT4246-269
Don't Wanna Go Home Sf Derulo, Jason AT4247-17
Don't Wanna Know (Sf) Maroon 5 AT4257-295
Don't Wanna Try (As) Frankie J AT4255-201
Don't Waste Your Time Clarkson, Kelly AT4193-8
Don't Worry 'bout A Thing (Cb) Shedaisy AT4253-162
Don't Worry Be Happy Mcferrin, Bobby SC7503-9
Don't You Ever Get Tired (Of Hurting Me) Milsap, Ronnie AT4248-18
Don't You Forget About Me Simple Minds AT4213-9
Don't You Forget It Lewis, Glenn SM8601-14
Don't You Know You're Beautiful Pickler, Kellie AT4207-11
Don't You Remember Kv Adele AT4246-140
Don't You Wanna Stay (Duet) Cb Aldean, Jason & Kelly Clarkson AT4242-90
Don't You Want Me Human League, The SC8427-14
Don't You Worry Child (Sf) Swedish House Mafia AT4252-131
Done (As) Band Perry, The AT4253-82
Donna Valens, Richie SC7532-12
Donna The Prima Donna (Sc) Dion AT4252-17
Dont Touch My Willie (Phm) Fowler, Kevin AT4252-5
Doo Wah Diddy 2 Live Crew SC8700-11
Doo Wop (Cb) Hill, Lauryn AT4258-283
Dooley (Sc) Dillards, The AT4257-257
Dope Nose Sc Weezer AT4242-51
Double Shot Swingin' Medallions, The SC7531-15
Down Moke SC8572-12
Down (Sf) Sean, Jay & Lil Wayne AT4258-212
Down At The Twist And Shout Carpenter, Mary Chapin SC7516-2
Down By The Bay Children's Songs MKP2-2770-22
Down Came A Blackbird Mccann, Lila SC8382-9
Down In Mississippi Sugarland AT4115-10
Down In Mississippi (Up To No Good) Sugarland AT4104-2
Down In My Heart Children's Songs SY1635-7
Down In My Heart (W-Vocals) Children's Songs SY1635-15
Down In The Boondocks Cb Royal, Billy Joe AT4247-95
Down On Me Phm Jeremih & 50 Cent AT4244-1
Down On Me Phm Jeremih & 50 Cent AT4247-91
Down On The Corner Creedence Clearwater Revival AT4190-2
Down On The Farm Mcgraw, Tim AT4233-2
Down Qh Lambert, Miranda AT4246-319
Down So Long Jewel SC8531-9
Down To My Last Teardrop Tucker, Tanya SC7536-9
Down To The Honkytonk (Sbi) Owen, Jake AT4258-23
Down To The River To Pray (Sc) Krauss, Alison AT4258-275
Down Town, The Days of The New SC8469-13
Down Under Men At Work AT4198-12
Down With The Sickness Disturbed AT4150-11
Down With The Sickness (Rdk) Richard Cheeze (Parody) AT4257-862
Downtown Clark, Petula SC7517-5
Downtown (Sf) Macklemore & Ryan Lewis AT4256-133
Downtown (Ss) Lady Antebellum AT4253-61
Downtown Train Stewart, Rod SC8153-3
Dozen Red Roses, A Graham, Tammy SC8376-6
Dr. Feelgood Motley Crue SC8252-11
Drag City Jan & Dean SC8202-10
Drag Me Down (Sf) One Direction AT4256-31
Draggin The River (Duet) Hm Shelton, Blake (Feat. Miranda Lambert) AT4246-317
Draggin' The Line James, Tommy & The Shondells SC8439-2
Dragula Zombie, Rob SC2221-6
Dragula Zombie, Rob W-Vocal SC2221-14
Drank In My Cup (Clean) (Sbi) Kirko Bangz AT4258-296
Draw Me A Map Phm Bentley, Dierks AT4241-252
Draw The Line Aerosmith SC8406-10
Dream A Little Dream Of Me Mama Cass AT4105-10
Dream On Aerosmith SC7533-11
Dream On Depeche Mode SC3256-8
Dream On Depeche Mode W-Vocal SC3256-16
Dream Police (Sc) Cheap Trick AT4257-388
Dream Walkin' (Sc) Keith, Toby AT4248-120
Dream Warriors (Sc) Dokken AT4258-16
Dream Weaver Wright, Gary SC8178-13
Dream Your Way To Me Lawson, Shannon SC8779-6
Dreaming of You Selena SC8212-13
Dreamlover Darin, Bobby SC7532-11
Dreams Cranberries, The SC8199-12
Dreams Fleetwood Mac SC7534-12
Dreams Van Halen AT4195-6
Dreams Collide Cb Caillat, Colbie AT4247-19
Dress You Up Madonna AT4159-8
Drift and Die Puddle of Mudd AT4222-4
Drift Away Gray, Dobie SC7519-4
Drift Away Gray, Dobie SC8138-9
Drift Away Uncle Kracker AT4105-4
Drift Away (Sm) Uncle Kracker AT4257-222
Drift Off To Dream (Cb) Tritt, Travis AT4249-133
Drink A Beer (Ss) Bryan, Luke AT4255-101
Drink In My Hand Bkd Church, Eric AT4246-125
Drink On It (Ftx) Shelton, Blake AT4250-24
Drink To That All Night (Bkd) Niemann, Jerrod AT4255-133
Drink You Away (Bkd) Timberlake, Justin AT4257-480
Drink, Swear, Steal & Lie Peterson, Michael SC8382-15
Drinkin Beer and Wastin Bullets (Bkd) Bryan, Luke AT4253-80
Drinkin Problem (Kv) Midland AT4257-505
Drinkin' & Dreaming (Sc) Jennings, Waylon AT4250-79
Drinkin' Bone Byrd, Tracy SC8862-11
Drinkin' Champagne Strait, George SC8136-10
Drinkin' Man George Strait ASK1205-2
Drinkin' My Baby Goodbye Charlie Daniels Band, The SC8455-2
Drinking Alone (Dck) Underwood, Carrie AT4258-268
Drinking Class (Sbi) Brice, Lee AT4255-344
Drinking Me Lonely Young, Chris AT4163-6
Drinking My Baby Off My Mind Rabbitt, Eddie SC8183-15
Drinks Up (Bkd) Lacs, The AT4252-18
Drive Cars, The AT4144-4
Drive Incubus SM8601-7
Drive (For Daddy Gene) (Sc) Jackson, Alan AT4257-397
Drive By (Ftx) Train AT4250-9
Drive My Car Beatles, The AT4240-139
Drive Sc R.E.M AT4244-111
Drive South Bogguss, Suzy SC8234-12
Driven Under Seether AT4180-8
Driver's Seat (Sc) Sniff 'n' The Tears AT4257-923
Drivin' Around Song (As) Ford, Colt & Jason Aldean AT4251-106
Drivin' Into The Sun Austin, Sherrie SC8867-6
Drivin' My Life Away Rabbitt, Eddie AT4147-11
Drivin' My Life Away (Sc) Rabbitt, Eddie AT4249-114
Drop In The Ocean, A (Kv) Pope, Ron AT4258-288
Drop It Like It's Hot (Radio Version) (D Snoop Dogg & Pharrell AT4258-45
Drop The World (Kv) Lil Wayne AT4255-22
Drops of Jupiter (Tell Me) Train SY1064-9
Drops of Jupiter (Tell Me) Train THR0106-14
Drops of Jupiter (Tell Me) Train W-Vocal THR0106-5
Drowning Backstreet Boys, The SM8603-2
Drowning Hootie & The Blowfish SC8212-4
Drowning (Face Down) Sc Saving Abel AT4242-10
Drowns The Whiskey (Dck) Aldean, Jason AT4257-843
Drugs Or Jesus Mcgraw, Tim AT4127-7
Drunk (Sf) Sheeran, Ed AT4252-50
Drunk Girl (Kv) Janson, Chris AT4257-947
Drunk In Love (Duet) (Sf) Beyonce Ft. Jay-Z AT4255-257
Drunk Last Night (Sbi) Eli Young Band AT4255-147
Drunk Me (Bkd) Tenpenny, Mitchell AT4258-6
Drunk On A Plane (Ss) Bentley, Dierks AT4255-191
Drunk On You (Cb) Bryan, Luke AT4248-80
Drunken Lullabies Flogging Molly AT0000-8
Drunker Than Me Trent Tomlinson AT4102-5
Dry Bones Children's Songs AT4256-64
Dry Town (Kv) Lambert, Miranda AT4252-82
Du Hast (English Version) Rammstein AT4170-2
Du Hast (German) Rammstein AT4240-43
Duality Slipknot AT4240-57
Duck & Run 3 Doors Down SC8680-5
Dude Looks Like A Lady Sc Aerosmith AT4246-42
Duke of Earl Chandler, Gene SC7502-5
Dumas Walker Kentucky Headhunters, The SC8104-12
Dumas Walker Kentucky Headhunters, The SC7522-13
Dumb Blonde (Dck) Parton, Dolly AT4258-269
Dune Buggy (Sc) Presidents of The USA AT4255-373
Dust In The Wind Kansas SC7526-12
Dust On The Bottle Murphy, David Lee SC8194-5
Dynamite Qh Cruz, Taio AT4241-243