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Title Artist Song #
Quarter To Three, A Bonds, Gary U.S. SC7550-10
Que Sera Sera (Sc) Day, Doris AT4258-54
Que Sera Sera (Whatever Will Be, Will Be Day, Doris AT4258-69
Queen of Hearts Newton, Juice SC7539-3
Queen of Memphis Confederate Railroad, The SC8165-6
Queen of My Double Wide Trailer Kershaw, Sammy AT4240-28
Queen of The Hop (Sc) Darin, Bobby AT4251-47
Queen of The Night Houston, Whitney PS1079-13
Queen of The Night Houston, Whitney W-Vocal PS1079-5
Queen of The Night Whitney Houston AT4115-4
Queens Don't (Bkd) Raelynn AT4258-27
Quit Playing Games With My Heart Backstreet Boys, The SC8390-8