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Title Artist Song #
U and Dat T-Pain AT4168-6
U and Ur Hand Pink AT4142-4
U Don't Know Me (Like U Used To) Brandy SC8569-8
U Got It Bad Usher AT4137-7
U Got It Bad Usher SY1064-7
U Got It Bad Usher SM8604-15
U Remind Me Usher SM8050-7
U Remind Me W-Vocals Usher SM8050-15
U Smile Sf Bieber, Justin AT4242-62
Ugly Girl Fleming & John SC8565-11
Uh Huh B2K SC8747-6
Ultimate (Kv) Lohan, Lindsay AT4256-166
Ultimate Love Vassar, Phil SC8837-3
Uma Thurman (Bkd) Fall Out Boy AT4256-6
Umbrella Jay-Z & Rihanna AT4168-7
Unanswered Prayer Brooks, Garth SC8162-9
Unapologetically (Dck) Ballerini, Kelsea AT4257-599
Unbelievable (Ann Marie) (Cb) Gracin, Josh AT4256-49
Unbelievable Sc Emf AT4246-278
Unbreak My Heart Braxton, Toni SC8325-14
Unbreakable Heart (Radio Version) Andrews, Jessica SC8584-8
Unbroken Mcgraw, Tim AT4164-12
Unchain My Heart Charles, Ray AT4136-9
Unchain My Heart Cocker, Joe SC7523-9
Unchain The Night (Sc) Dokken AT4258-14
Unchained Melody Righteous Brothers, The SC7502-13
Unchained Melody Righteous Brothers, The PS1159-18
Unchained Melody Righteous Brothers, The W-Vocal PS1159-9
Unchained Melody Rimes, Leann SC8370-3
Unchained Melody (Mm) Presley, Elvis AT4255-280
Uncle John From Jamaica Sf Vengaboys, The AT4246-246
Uncle John's Band Grateful Dead, The AT4192-12
Uncle Tom's Cabin Warrant SC8406-9
Unconditionally (Kv) Perry, Katy AT4255-60
Undeniable Kearney, Matt AT4168-8
Under My Thumb (Sc) Rolling Stones, The AT4257-905
Under My Wheels (Sc) Cooper, Alice AT4255-171
Under Pressure Bowie, David & Queen SC8574-11
Under The Boardwalk Drifters, The SM9212-3
Under The Boardwalk Drifters, The SC7527-7
Under The Bridge Red Hot Chili Peppers AT4114-7
Under The Sea Little Mermaid, The AT4197-6
Under This Old Hat___ Ledoux, Chris___ AT4178-9
Under Your Scars (Dck) Godsmack AT4258-217
Undercover Angel O'Day, Alan SC8292-10
Underneath It All No Doubt & Lady Saw AT4182-10
Underneath It All No Doubt & Lady Saw SC8813-15
Underneath Sf Morissette, Alanis AT4244-19
Underneath Your Clothes Shakira SC8752-14
Understand Cb Camp, Jeremy AT4244-59
Understand Your Man Sc Cash, Johnny AT4246-81
Undo It Cb Underwood, Carrie AT4241-130
Undo It Qh Underwood, Carrie AT4241-98
Undone (The Sweater Song) Weezer AT4240-141
Undun Guess Who, The SC8563-11
Unfaithful Rihanna AT4126-13
Unforgettable (Dck) Rhett, Thomas AT4257-556
Unforgettable (Duet) (Sc) Cole, Nat 'king' & Natilie Cole AT4257-507
Unforgettable (Duet) (Sf) Montana, French & Swae Lee AT4257-591
Unforgettable (Zm) Cole, Nat 'king' AT4257-520
Unforgiven, The Metallica AT4239-106
Uninvited Morissette, Alanis AT4182-11
United States of Whatever Lynch, Liam AT4226-15
Unlove You (Kv) Nettles, Jennifer AT4257-203
Unpretty Tlc AT4138-14
Unpretty Tlc MM6277-14
Unpretty Tlc & Destiny's Child SC2303-6
Unpretty Tlc & Destiny's Child W-Vocal SC2303-14
Unsent Cb Morissette, Alanis AT4244-20
Unskinny Bop Poison SC8516-13
Unsteady (Sf) X Ambassadors AT4257-330
Unthinkable (I'm Ready) Cb Keys, Alicia AT4241-69
Until I Get Over You Branch, Michelle SC8865-9
Until It Sleeps Sc Metallica AT4241-29
Until The Day I Die Thm Story of The Year AT4241-208
Until The End (Phm) Breaking Benjamin AT4257-902
Untitled (How Can This Happen To Me) Simple Plan AT4161-9
Untouchable Cb Swift, Taylor AT4241-131
Untouched Veronicas AT4226-5
Unwell Matchbox 20 AT4103-14
Unwound Strait, George SC7551-5
Unwritten Bedingfield, Natasha AT4239-145
Up Against The Wall You Redneck Mother S Walker, Jerry Jeff AT4241-7
Up All Night Slaughter AT4172-10
Up All Night (Phm) Pardi, Jon AT4256-146
Up Around The Bend Creedence Clearwater Revival AT4192-13
Up Down (Kv) Wallen, Morgan & Florida Georgia Line (D AT4257-793
Up North (Down South, Back East, Out Wes Hayes, Wade SC8602-1
Up On Cripple Creek Band, The SC8477-9
Up On The Ridge (Cb) Bentley, Dierks AT4252-129
Up On The Roof Drifters, The SC7517-6
Up Where We Belong Cocker, Joe & Jennifer Warnes SC7519-10
Up! (Country Version) Shania Twain AT4108-10
Up! (Country Version) Twain, Shania SC8851-11
Upper Middle Class White Trash Brice, Lee AT4212-12
Uprising Sf Muse AT4244-131
Upside Down Cb Johnson, Jack AT4247-40
Upside Down Sf Johnson, Jack AT4244-127
Upstairs Downtown Keith, Toby SC8152-9
Uptown Funk (Bhk) Ronson, Mark Feat. Bruno Mars AT4255-343
Uptown Girl (Sc) Joel, Billy AT4249-73
Ur So Gay (Qh) Perry, Katy AT4250-125
Urgent (Sc) Foreigner AT4249-40
Use Me Hinder AT4215-15
Use Me Withers, Bill SC8297-11
Use Somebody Kings of Leon AT4240-27
Used To Love Her___ Guns N' Roses___ AT4178-10
Used To Love You Sober (Bkd) Brown, Kane AT4257-223