Here are the BONUS DATES for entry:
Double T: Wednesdays December 22nd, December 29th, and January 5th!
Reeder's: Thursdays December 23rd and December 30th, and Friday January 7th!

These are your FINAL chances to qualify!!!

And you can still qualify at the normal locations through December 18th!

Win a trip for two to Las Vegas, Nevada; including air fare, hotel stay, and $500 spending cash!

Sponsored by All That Entertainment, Columbus Tour & Travel, Double T Bar, Legends Sports Grille, and Reeder's Grub N Pub!

This contest will be held from October 13th, 2010 to December 18th, 2010.  Finals will follow at a time and location that are yet to be determined.

Here are the nights and places for your chance to Wake Up In Vegas!
Wednesday - Double T Bar in Downtown Columbus
Friday - Reeder's Grub N Pub in Downtown Columbus
Saturday - Reeder's Grub N Pub in Downtown Columbus, Legends Sports Grille (inside New World Inn)

Our Official Contest Rules will answer the majority of questions you might have.  Please check out our FAQ below for further detail.  Please ask us any other questions you might have, so that we can get the answers up for others, too!

Click here for our Official Contest Rules.

Frequently Asked Questions

 Who is sponsoring this contest?

This contest is sponsored by All That Entertainment, Columbus Tour & Travel, Double T Bar, Legends Sports Grille, and Reeder's Grub N Pub.  (Special mention goes to Columbus Bank & Trust for some great giveaways.)

What if my name is drawn at 12:30 but I am at a different Wake Up In Vegas show?

On nights where more than one sponsored karaoke show is going on at the same time, the 12:30 drawing will be verified by telephone if the person drawn is not present.  This means that if "John Doe" is drawn from the semi-finals bucket but he is not at that bar, the DJ will phone all other All That Entertainment Wake Up In Vegas DJs to be certain that he is not present at another qualifying show.  If he is, then he counts as present.  If he is not, then his name will be discarded.

Which Semi-Finals Bucket will you draw from on nights with only one show?

Both of them.  On nights with only one Wake Up In Vegas show, the two semi-final buckets will be combined and drawn from.  Then on nights with multiple Wake Up In Vegas shows, we'll redistribute the slips evenly and randomly back into BOTH semi-finals buckets.  This is the only way to keep it fair for people who only sing at ceratain Wake Up In Vegas shows.  This way everyone has an equal chance of qualifying.

What if I don't sing?  Can I still enter?

No. As stated in the rules, all entries must be on an official All That Entertainment slip, and the song must be sung by the person whose name is on the slip within the normal course of a rotation in order for it to be valid.  If you don't sing, our advice to you is to give it a try.  You might be glad you did.

Will I still be able to enter at 'non-sponsoring' All That Entertainment shows?

No, but you can still go and sing.  'Normal' shows are still going to be happening, and if you want a break from the 'Vegas Rush,' you can still get your sing on!

What do you mean by Immediate Family?

Our definition of immediate family for the duration of this contest shall include husband/wife/fiancee, son/daughter, mother/father, brother/sister, grandma/grandpa, mother/father/brother/sister-in-law, or step-parents or step-children of the owner, sponsor, or employees.  It shall not include aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces, nephews, etc. 

Will your rotation change for this contest?

No.  Other than making time to do the drawings at the appropriate times, our rotation will still be just as fair as possible.  Most of you understand our rotation by now, and how we cycle in new singers.  This will not change.

Can I buy extra entries into this contest?

No.  Valid entries will consist of only solo songs sung during the normal course of a rotation at a sponsored show.

How do I know you're not rigging the contest?

Come to the grand opening night of the contest at Double T. on October 13th for a full explanation of how everything works, and how we relinquish access to the Finals boxes for the duration of the 'normal' run of this contest.

Will you still run your Backward, Trivia, and Theme song contests during the Wake Up In Vegas contest?

Not at sponsored shows.  The Wake Up In Vegas contest takes a great deal of time throughout the night, so we'll be concentrating on that for the duration of the contest.  However, other All That Entertainment karaoke shows that are not a part of the Wake Up In Vegas contest will still run the normal contests as expected.

Did you know that the 'I' in 'Wake Up In Vegas' should not be capitalized?

Yes, we do.  But it looks better capital, so that is what we did.





This schedule has been removed. 



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Testimonial:  "Please relay to your DJ how great he was.  We are recommending him and your services to everyone!"
Jan S.

Testimonial:  "We heard so many compliments!  You kept people on the dance floor all night, even people that don't usually dance.  Thank you for making our special day so memorable!"
Kathleen A.

Testimonial:  "It was wonderful!!!"
Brooke S.

Testimonial: "Thank you so much for the great job at (our) wedding reception and dance.  Everyone had a great time and enjoyed themselves! And also thank you for (going) above and beyond the call of duty to assist with the food and chocolate fountain.  My hat is off to you."
Linda B.